Girl Power: The 20 Wealthiest Women in the World

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If someone asks you to name some of the richest people on the planet, you may say Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. No women, right? Do you know women who can also be on that list? The truth is, there are so many women who have accumulated a lot of wealth but we don’t seem to know most of them. If you see their names on a list of richest people on earth, you may not have known them.
The world’s wealthiest women have made a mark in their respective fields. Some got their fortune from an inheritance, while others became successful in the businesses that they’ve established. There are also women who started at the bottom of the corporate ladder and climbed their way until they’ve reached the top.
Forbes did a lot of research and compiled the list of The World’s Billionaires. Since wealth is affected by many factors including the state of the economy, the rankings may change at any time. There are names that may even be off the list depending on the factors related to their wealth. Based on the Forbes list, here are the 20 wealthiest women in the world.