22 Careers That Increase Your Cancer Risks

Ivelin Radkov | Shutterstock.com

Jobs come in different forms. A typical corporate employee spends at least eight hours a day at an office desk, while some careers pose health risks as these require workers to drive through traffic, run after criminals and climb buildings. But did you know that there are jobs that can result in more serious effects on health? You may not know it but the risk of suffering from cancer may be higher because of the nature of your job.
According to the American Cancer Society, there was a significant decrease in the number of workplace-related cancer cases because of the implementation of more safety regulations at state and federal levels. In fact, only 4% of cancer patients in the US can attribute their illness to exposure to carcinogens or substances that can cause cancer. However, sometimes it takes many years before the effects of exposure to carcinogens will show.
The Occupational Safety and Health Organization, as well as other groups, establish regulations on exposure to toxins, but workers can still be at risk due to accidents or failure to comply with the rules. In this list, take a look at 22 careers that increase your risk of getting certain types of cancer.