15 Of The Richest Monarchs In The World

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A monarchy is a kind of government where a group, usually a family described as the dynasty, represents the country’s national integrity and among them, one of its members, called the ruler, exercises a position of sovereignty.  The real power of the monarch may fluctuate from solely symbolic, to partial and limited, or downright dictatorial.
As many countries have removed the century-long tradition of monarchies, they are hardly practised in most countries and in this modern era, the practice is vanishing fast. Still, the family of monarchs have special privilege and power though such ill-practices are almost extinct.  Some enjoy a luxurious life and hold a major portion of power in their hands.  In many parts of the world where such governance was practised, the ruling families are nowhere to be found now, yet they still hold property and wealth in their name.
One of the interesting points is, where there is a small area under a monarch the rulers keep the larger portion of the country’s fortunes.  Since the monarchy doesn’t contribute to the upliftment of the nation by paying taxes, and they aren’t even questioned about their possessions, it’s difficult to estimate the actual wealth of such families.
We have compiled a list of 15 richest rulers from around the world, and we will focus on how they manage to remain that way.