21 Things in the Human Body That Are Cruel and Senseless

Michael Taggart Photography | flickr.com

The human body is a specimen of glorious evolution. It hosts the most intelligent brain on earth, with bones stronger than steel and endurance far better than any other animal on the planet.
Also, despite all its majesty, the human body hosts a lot of unnecessary structures that really serve no purpose at all! Male nipples, anyone? The only thing we can think of them is just accessories that we can live without.
Let’s not even start with the appendix. The appendage is roughly 10 cm long that, when irritated, causes lots of pain and suffering, and can even lead to death! And we tell you, no human being would want to live with that kind of pain.
So, evolution? What happened in the middle? Here are 25 things about the human body that will make you scratch your head. Is it a revolutionary fail? But still, thanks for painstakingly evolving to the modern man.