A Look in the Rearview: The Ford Ranger Through the Years

nitinut380 | Shutterstock.com

If you dive into the history books, you’ll understand that Ford is no newcomer to the automobile industry. Over the years, Ford has touched nearly all the categories of the industry that it could lay its hands on, and today we see the product of endless determination. Henry Ford would indeed be proud.
Among the various other models under the Ford name, they also produced a pickup truck that went by the name Ford Ranger – sound familiar?
The Ford Ranger name has been given to three different vehicles and even another one that is still in production. However we are going to look at the original. Beginning with assembly in North and South Americas from 1982 to 2011, we will look at the 16 development stages that the Ranger underwent to finally get the modern, confident look of the 2011 Ford Ranger.
The Ranger also happens to mark the end of production for compact pickup trucks in the US, ending 86 years of production at the Twin Cities Assembly.