A Look in the Rearview: The Ford Ranchero Through the Years

betto rodrigues | Shutterstock.com

Ford has run its fair share of experiments in its buildup to be one of the most prominent names in the automotive industry.
Among these experiments lies a curious vehicle that goes by the name Ford Ranchero. What may look like a pickup truck at first glance is, in actuality, a completely different story. The concept for the Ranchero came from a two-door station wagon, which integrated a two-door styled cabin with a storage bed at the back, creating a class of its own.
The design was a huge success, and a whopping half a million units entered production. The numbers speak for themselves. However, over the years, the back of the Ranchero kept getting smaller and the front longer as modifications marched on. In its 22 years, the Ranchero saw seven generations of major overhauls that included 16 minor changes.
Ford sparked such fury from its rivals, that GM countered back with one of its own, just two years after he Ranchero’s release. The end of the Ranchero came in 1979 when Ford shifted its focus to the more appealing Ranger of the time.