A Look in the Rearview: The Ford LTD Through the Years

VanderWolf Images | Shutterstock.com

Ford played the game beautifully and tactfully. In the late twentieth century, you would always find Ford producing something out of the ordinary or facing its rivals head-on; something they wouldn’t even have dreamed of.
Such was the case with the brilliant Ford LTD that starred in the Ford lineup for 22 years, from 1965 to 1986. During its initial years, the LTD was showcased as the top-level car which encased luxury in a well-built body that thundered powerfully down the road. The LTD turned to fight the big names by introducing features that were only expected of luxury car makers such as Lincoln and Cadillac.
As we take a look back at the 16 models that the LTD adapted over the years, you’ll see top-level vehicles in the shape of a two-door convertible, a four-door, a five-door station wagon, and a hardtop sedan. The latter years saw the LTD trim down a notch and target other aspects of the market, yet, make no mistake about the resounding impact it made to Ford’s lineup.