A Look in the Rearview: The Ford Cortina Through the Years

Grzegorz Czapski | Shutterstock.com

Ford is the automaker we’ll be reviewing today and as its lavish history suggests, it sure offers some of the most beautiful vehicles on the market today.
We head into Northern Europe to Great Britain for this one. We’re speaking of Britain’s best-seller for the ‘70s and yes, you’ve probably guessed it right, it is the Ford Cortina.
The Cortina happens to be one of those models from Ford that defined the way vehicles were made in its age. It also overlapped in design with the Ford Taunus, which was marketed in Germany.
Spanning over 20 years in production, the Cortina saw five generations over the years.. Let’s analyze all 12 here and witness the Cortina that got it’s name from an Italian resort called Cortina d’Ampezzo. On an interesting note, as a publicity stunt, a herd of Cortinas was driven down the Cortina Auto-Bobbing run. It must’ve been an interesting display!