A Look in the Rearview: The Buick Special Through the Years

Divin Serhiy | Shutterstock.com

Buick is around to give us a history lesson and remind us that it has been around since our grandparents were our age. Out of the history books, here is the Buick Special.
The Special marks Buick’s rollover to naming conventions over the use of numbers that were used to represent vehicles prior to the Special. The Special was indeed special, since it also marked a very successful year for Buick when it was introduced in 1936. This was also the only year where a four-door convertible Special was on offer.
That was just the start for this star as it went on to spawn five more generations, accumulating 21 models.
It’s time we take a stroll back through the models and see the variety on offer by Buick which turned a full-size car into a mid-size one.