A Look in the Rearview: The Buick Riviera Through the Years

Serhii Moiseiev | Shutterstock.com

Doing what Buick does best; bringing top-notch luxury to the stage, in a glamorous hot body, Buick unveiled the Buick Riviera.
This is where it all started for Buick, and the Riviera was GM’s first dive into the luxury market, and Buick’s reputation today can tell you that this personal luxury car performed even better than expected.
Production started in 1963 and saw a whopping eight generations come into being in just 36 years. During this time, 16 variants of the Riviera were created, distributed globally. To further emphasize the success of the Riviera, the number tells the story; it sold more than a million units in its lifetime.
The last of the Riviera was seen in 1999 but before you think that it is all over, let us tell you that there have been two concept appearances by the Riviera in 2007 and 2013. Perhaps we’ll see the Riviera make a comeback soon? Fingers crossed!