15 Fastest New Cars Under $50,000

Barsan ATTILA | Shutterstock.com

The fastest cars come with high price tags ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Those amazing cars are both beautiful and outrageously fun to drive. Unfortunately, not all consumers can afford that kind of luxury, especially the average folks. However, more and more affordable cars are lining up in showrooms and these cars improve year after year. 2017 is a great year for many car lovers.
This list shows 15 cars capable of accelerating up to 60 mph in just a few seconds and can run the whole quarter-mile stretch at top-notch speeds. These cars are not the ones that will cost a lot of money but they’re just under the $50,000 range. The Cadillac ATS V6 and the Nissan 370Z Nismo qualify this list’s pricing but they’re not included because of their slightly slow quarter-mile runs. Also, the Honda Civic Type R is not included because the pricing is still unclear.
The tests were facilitated by Car and Driver and Motor Trend mark the speed benchmark.